FSDEV (F'-S'-Dev) n. Ferrell Systems Development, of or having to do with Ferrell Systems Development. 1 excellence in software development ["software developed by Ferrell Systems Development is excellent"]2 reliable business partners, trustworthy, dependable ["Ferrell Systems Development?, you can count on them, they will deliver as promised"]
FSDev has developed custom software applications for numerous clients in the Houston, TX area. Oil & Gas exploration, NASA, local law offices, nationwide and worldwide coporations, these are just a few of the organizations that continue to call on us for software development. Database development, scientific and engineering applications, corporate accounting applications.....on time, on the money. Follow the link to the right for details.
FSDev provides Portal technology services unrivaled in speed, security and flexibility. Utilizing the most advanced capabilities of the Microsoft .Net Platform and Technologies, we enable Internet/Intranet systems to become truly effective pieces of the IT Infrastructure. Get your company a web system that pays off with increased productivity, simple user security that allows multiple content contributors, and much, much more.
FSDev has installed infrastructure for clients large and small. Commercial ISP's with thousands of clients, coporate clients who live or die by uptime, our experience pays off for you. Firewalls and security, remote connectivity, installations, upgrades, whatever you need.
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